Murray Altham | Speaking Topics
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Speaking Topics

Winning Wellbeing
Being a Champion With Change
You HQ: The Power Of One
The Confident Presenting Workshop
The Pharmacodynamics of Excellence
The Power of Diversity & Inclusion

“Everyone deserves the chance to make the most of their genetic potential. A healthy body and an innovative mind are a powerful combination!” 

Murray Altham

Winning Wellbeing

Live Better – Work Better – Be Better

Your health and vitality are your ultimate DIY project and there is an irresistible dynamic between good health and you enjoying your life!

This is a fun, fresh and inspiring experience for everyone in the room because it’s about the most important topic on the planet… YOU! 

Helping your team achieve a new level of wellbeing gives you a 24/7/365 day big bang for your buck, it consistently ranks as their number one priority and their number one challenge! How big is the impact of lack of wellness and personal wellbeing in your organisation? Improved health and vitality fuels resourceful thinking, good decision making, confidence and leadership… it just makes everything else better! With relentless exuberance, Murray shares motivating insights from his experience as a chef, fitness leader and overcoming injury to be fired up, fit and 56! Your audience will leave this experience with a clear action plan to build a stronger, healthier future!

We’ll explore…

  • Healthy longevity, what the latest research is urging us to do
  • Farm to table vs factory to table… how to lift your nutrition with spectacular results
  • The 10 minute workout your future self will thank you for
  • Nurturing your psychology, why mindfulness and peace of mind matter

You will leave equipped with…

  • A fresh game plan to immediately build more healthful habits
  • Game-changing nutrition ideas, that anyone can do, to give you energy that lasts all day
  • How to supercharge your strength and flexibility with a ten minute workout
  • The three golden pillars to fuel the best, healthiest version of you into the future

To begin your conference, Winning Wellbeing elevates the energy for the rest of your agenda. You never have to recover from a good start and Winning Wellbeing is a GREAT start!

As a stand alone keynote, two hour workshop or for when you desperately need an energy burst in your afternoon session, Winning Wellbeing is a memorable experience your audience will love!


Every business and industry is an ecosystem constantly engaged with change. Change represents different things to different people depending on your mindset and the tools you have in your hands.

How big is the upside in redefining your approach to change? What will your business look like in 10 years time? Will the skills you have now be enough to stay ahead of the waves of change?

Through an insightful process, Murray works with you with you to tailor an experience that will release compelling new energy into your goals and priorities. Equip your team to boldly move beyond what they’re naturally good at, to confidently step into the future inspired, with clear goals and a game plan for their own growth.

What we’ll cover

  • Goal setting and personal motivation
  • The ‘get unstuck’ model to free up your possibilities with change
  • The language ecosystem of exceptional change

What you’ll learn

  • The three A’s for a personal and team culture that boldly ignites your highest potential
  • Proven and practical strategies to thrive on change and have it work for you
  • Powerful language to actively build your confidence in working with change

Audiences leave this in-person or virtual presentation equipped with an action plan to progressively expand their capabilities to confidently work with change.

Being a Champion With Change is an ideal stand alone conference keynote or an extended half day program



Have you considered what happens when personal innovation does not keep up with business innovation? Smart business and visionary leaders know that personal innovation is the untapped asset for new growth. Your current best thinking got you to where you are so how much potential is sitting dormant in your teams? Based around powerful principles in personal coaching, invigorate your culture and revolutionise your results.

Professional development comes from the outside in; personal development comes from the inside out. When the two work together you’ll experience that people are always better and capable of more than they think they are.

In this dynamic, empowering experience your team will learn…

  • How to cross 3 common barriers to release anchors and refresh your game-plan
  • A powerful formula to communicate like a wizard
  • The communication ecosystems that increase success
  • The number 1 mindset tool to increase mental toughness

Audience members leave this presentation with a clear action plan to tap into new potential they can invest into their future goals and aspirations.

You HQ: The Power of One is a value packed virtual presentation, stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half day program.


Research by LinkedIn shows that communication skills are the most desired characteristic in senior roles and career progression.

Competition for people’s attention is stronger than ever… are your presentation skills matching the demands of 2021? How important is it to effectively communicate your ideas in a way that gets optimal results?

With your customers, colleagues, virtual meetings or on stage at a conference, you need to be an engaging, effective communicator who can expertly share your ideas in a memorable way. This valuable skill is a powerful tool in your professional skillset.

Just the thought of presenting may stress you out and keep you playing small. The skills for superb presenting can be learnt by anyone starting from wherever you are right now. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can grow your proficiency and even ENJOY presenting!

This is a fun, action-orientated workshop where you get to design a presentation applying the principles as you learn them.

What we’ll cover

  • A mindset for effective, confident presenting
  • The most valuable real estate in your presentation
  • The epic formula to structure your content and help you present without notes
  • The 5 steps to make Q&A a powerful part of your presentation

What you’ll learn

  • A 5-step analysis to refine your content
  • How to structure a presentation to nurture your audience
  • Polished skills to handle questions and objections
  • How to help your audience take action

Confident Presenting is a dynamic keynote presentation or an extended half day program.

“Murray is one of the most dynamic, interesting and engaging professionals I have ever worked with. His ‘out of the box’ thinking and ability to coach others to rise above the white noise of life to focus on the things that matter, is inspiring and empowering.” Gina Ridsdale National Cardiovascular Leader


Through his remarkable journey working within the extremes of the HIV pandemic, Murray brings unique insight into self-leadership and innovative pathways of performance. His experience of working locally and globally is shared through hilarious and heart-breaking stories that are profound, instructive and inspiring.

This is an extraordinary keynote highlighting powerful skills built in extreme circumstances. Informed by 20 years on the road completing 20’000+ specialist customer interactions, Murray managed a territory touching all corners of Australia, building vital relationships with local and global KOL’s. Your audience will revel in hearing from one of their own as Murray ignites their capacity to find new levels of performance and results. Themes explored include communication, tenacity, empathy, collaboration, achieving the impossible and loving what you do.

Health environments continue to evolve, grow and competition for customer attention intensifies. All organisations and teams must create new ways to be exceptional, to have impact and be memorable. Can personal innovation be a revolutionary power to unleash your business potential?

Session Overview

In this high energy keynote presentation full of powerful case studies, empathy and humour, your audience will discover:

  • Why purpose driven self-leadership achieves a steady state of potent efficacy.
  • How to identify the vital signs of game-changing performance.
  • How the language of excellence accelerates trust, loyalty and results.
  • The number 1 communication skill to multiply your impact.

Audience members will leave this session with expanded vision, fresh ideas and practical strategies to immediately inform their business goals, customer interactions and self-leadership.

The Pharmacodynamics of Excellence is an ideal stand-alone keynote or an extended half or full day program.


The economic opportunities from inclusion

Companies, governments and teams trailblazing into the future are embracing the power of diversity. A collaboration of confident, empowered individuals happily contributing their unique A game is the dream of every enterprise!

‘Business creativity is all about connectivity with other people. Ideas are generally not dreamt up by yourself. They are about interaction. And if there is a barrier towards interaction, then it reduces the chance of getting the best idea.’ Lord John Browne Executive Chairman, L1 Energy

It’s not enough to attract and retain diverse talent. Inclusiveness releases powerful skills connected to that uniqueness, multiplying the intellectual assets you can invest into your business. What if the most powerful idea that could revolutionise your results is sitting unsaid?

The opposite of fear is not always courage, it’s curiosity. In this experience you get to courageously step into yours, to learn how to tap into your valuable unique strengths and help others do the same. This builds bridges of understanding, connection and collective excellence, to freely express ourselves, access new paradigms of thought and game-changing possibility.

The more people who feel welcome and accepted contributes to the whole. Diversity delivers successful and sought-after characteristics like empathy, courage, insight and predictive thinking. In this fascinating keynote we will explore…

  • Why expand the definition of your own uniqueness.
  • Where do your secret superpowers sit?
  • How to unlock empathy and inspiration in the silent stories of others.
  • What expansive, collaborative communication skills look like.

To help you unlock next-level thinking and creativity for the future, Murray takes your audience on a voyage through doubt, fear and overcoming to self-leadership, optimism, authenticity and the super powers they deliver to your enterprise.

As a stand alone keynote or an expanded workshop, The Power of Diversity is an uplifting experience full of strategic insight for the future.