Rise & REVIVE - Opening and Closing Keynote
Give yourself a fresh start!
Winning Wellbeing – Opening and Early Afternoon Keynote
Live Better-Work Better-Be Better

From overwhelmed and depleted to inspired and extraordinary... Give your team a fresh start!

As a leader you know first hand what it's taken to come through an unexpected and turbulent experience, the toll it's taken on your people and the need for renewal, a vibrant platform to launch into the future. 

  • How can you help you people recover, reconnect and refocus?
  • What can you do to inspire your team and get back on track? 

Rise & REVIVE is THE keynote to empower your team to move beyond their pandemic jetlag, to step into the future with belief in themselves and a game plan for growth.

The REVIVE model gives you six powerful pillars to create a formidable mindset to step into the future with clarity and enthusiasm.

  • RESET: How to learn the lessons and launch into the future.
  • EDIFY: Why the language of excellence is your transformation titan.
  • VISUALISE: Everything is created twice, first in your mind and then around you.
  • IMPROVISE: Building confidence to thrive with uncertainty, fear and reinvention.
  • VAPORISE: What do you need to stop and what do you need to start? 
  • ENERGISE: How to put your health and vitality at the centre of your potential. 

Rise & REVIVE breathes life into the goals and potential of your organisation by giving your team a fresh foundation. It's a vibrant start to your event and a brilliant addition to your valuable agenda to equip your audience to step boldly and confidently into the future!

Your health and vitality are your ultimate DIY project!

Audiences consistently rank achieving better health and wellbeing as their top priority and their number one frustration. Let’s help them get back on track!

  • How big is the impact of lack of wellness in your organisation?
  • What are the time and opportunity costs of low vitality?
  • Has the last couple of years pushed your team to the limit?

There is an irresistible dynamic between good health and peak performance. It fuels better decision making, confidence, resilience, adaptability and leadership. It has a spectacular 360° positive impact at work and at home.

With relentless exuberance and practical solutions, Murray shares 5 key insights from his experience as a chef, fitness leader and overcoming injury to be fired up, fit and 57! He will cover...

  • T   The right GOAL for you.
  • A   Attitude, Atmosphere and Action.
  • S    Sweet potatoes and other nutrition secrets to success.
  •   Try something new. Gym, swim, walk, row, ride & salute to the sun.
  • Y    You can do it! A mindset to make it happen.

Your audience will have a clear action plan to build a stronger, healthier future to power up their lives, 24/7/365 days a year.

To begin your conference, Winning Wellbeing elevates the energy for the rest of your agenda. You never have to recover from a good start and Winning Wellbeing is a GREAT start because it's about the hottest topic on the planet... YOU!

As an opening keynote or an energy burst in your afternoon session, Winning Wellbeing is a memorable experience your audience and future business will thank you for!