Speaking Topics

Being a Champion With Change
If you do the same, you get the same. Only change creates a new future!
What You Can Learn From My Second Pandemic
Self-leadership through and beyond the COVID pandemic
Winning Wellbeing – Opening or Closing Keynote
Live Better-Work Better-Be Bette
The Pharmacodynamics of Excellence
The Power of Diversity: The economic opportunities from inclusion
The Confident Presenting Workshop

The most important ingredient of success is change. Every business is an ecosystem constantly adapting to new conditions. If you do the same, you get the same. Only change creates a new future! Our Covid experience has shown us change represents different things to different people depending on your mindset and the tools you have in your hands. A siege mentality can set in, needing to be released to help your people move forward. Your organisations capacity to advance is fuelled by your teams ability to rise above this strange experience and succeed.

Imagine releasing a fresh approach to change with powerful new skills that equip your team to boldly step up to new conditions and new goals... Let's make it happen!

Murray works with you to tailor an experience that will be a catalyst into your vision and priorities. Equip your team to move beyond their pandemic jetlag, to boldly step into the future inspired, with belief in themselves and a game plan for their own growth.

What you will learn

  • How the three A’s of personal and team culture, Atmosphere, Attitude and Action can ignite your highest potential.
  • Proven and practical strategies to process change and have it work for you.
  • How to create a communication and language ecosystem for exceptional performance.

Audiences leave this in-person or virtual presentation equipped with an action plan to be self-assured in working with change. Be a Champion with Change is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half day program.

Pandemics are an invisible entity full of unfamiliar emotions that throw us off balance. Our mindset can be hijacked into a siege mentality, with our thinking and emotions frozen. Paradoxically, it can also bring out the best in us as we uncover exotic, hidden strengths and capabilities.

Does your ‘exit strategy’ fully comprehend the changed landscape of the post-COVID world? How you move forward can be a challenge or a competitive advantage that helps you create new momentum. A fresh mindset matters!

For a decade Murray worked in the HIV pandemic in many countries building deep wells of resilience and solution orientated thinking. He delivers an impactful experience through inspiring stories, from heart breaking to hilarious, that freshen our capacity to grow through a difficult experience and release new levels of excellence.

In this unique and timely presentation your audience will learn to focus on what they can control, harnessing valuable resources to adjust, act and build a proactive pathway into the future.

We will cover:

  • When to put your goals in concrete and your plans in sand... Adaptability!
  • Why the three A's, Attitude, Atmosphere and Action drive exceptional performance.
  • What language and narratives sustain a growth mindset and possibility thinking?

As a stand-alone keynote or two-hour workshop, virtually of live, What You Can Learn from My Second Pandemic is a high energy gem of a topic for our times, helping your audience process their pandemic experience so it can happen for them and not to them.

Your health and vitality are your ultimate DIY project! There is an irresistible dynamic between good health, peak performance and enjoying your life. What is the latest research urging us to do? This is a fresh and inspiring experience for everyone in the room because it is about the most important topic on the planet… YOU!

Achieving better health, vitality and wellbeing consistently ranks as your audiences number one priority and their number one challenge, so let’s help them get back on track! How big is the impact of lack of wellness and personal wellbeing in your organisation? Improved health and vitality fuels better decision making, confidence and leadership… it has a 360° impact and just makes everything better!

With relentless exuberance, Murray shares motivating insights from his experience as a chef, fitness leader and overcoming injury to be fired up, fit and 56! Your audience will leave with a clear action plan to build a stronger, healthier future.

You will leave equipped with

  • A fresh game plan to immediately build more healthful habits with spectacular results!
  • Game-changing nutrition ideas that anyone can do to give you energy that lasts all day.
  • How to supercharge the three golden pillars to help you feel good, look good and have more energy.

To begin your conference, Winning Wellbeing elevates the energy for the rest of your agenda. You never have to recover from a great start and Winning Wellbeing is a GREAT start!

As a stand-alone keynote, two-hour workshop and for when you desperately need an energy burst in your afternoon session!! Winning Wellbeing is a memorable experience your audience will love!

Can personal innovation help your team challenge up for changing times? Through his remarkable career, Murray brings unique insight into self-leadership and innovative pathways of performance. His experience working locally and globally as a Specialist Representative, is shared through stories that are thought provoking, inspiring, instructive and full of immediately useful tools.

Informed by 20 years on the road completing 20’000+ specialist customer interactions, Murray managed a territory touching all corners of Australia, building vital relationships with local and global Key Opinion Leaders. Your audience will revel in hearing one of their own as Murray ignites their capacity to find new levels of performance through empathy and uniqueness to revolutionise performance. Themes explored include communication, tenacity, empathy, collaboration, achieving the impossible and finding new ways to be exceptional.

Session overview

In this high energy keynote presentation full of powerful case studies, empathy and humour, your audience will discover…

  • Why purpose driven self-leadership achieves a steady state of potent efficacy.
  • How to identify your unique vital signs of game changing performance.
  • How the language of excellence accelerates trust, loyalty and results.
  • The number one, other worldly communication skill to multiply your results.

Audience members will leave this session with practical strategies to immediately inform their business goals, customer interactions and self-leadership.

The Pharmacodynamics of Excellence is an ideal stand-alone keynote or an extended half or full day program.

‘Business creativity is all about connectivity with other people. Ideas are generally not dreamt up by yourself. They are about interaction. And if there is a barrier towards interaction, then it reduces the chance of getting the best idea,’ Lord John Browne: Executive Chairman, L1 Energy

Companies, governments, and teams trailblazing into the future are embracing the power of diversity. A collaboration of confident, empowered individuals passionately contributing their A game is the dream of every enterprise.

It is not enough to attract and retain diverse talent. Inclusiveness releases significant skills connected to that uniqueness, multiplying the intellectual assets you can access and invest into your business.

The more people who feel welcome and accepted contributes to the whole. Diversity delivers successful and sought-after characteristics like empathy, courage, insight and predictive thinking.

In this fascinating keynote we will explore…

  • Why expand the definition of your own uniqueness.
  • Where do your secret superpowers sit?
  • How to unlock empathy, confidence and inspiration in the silent stories of others.
  • What expansive, collaborative communication skills look and sound like.

To help you unlock revolutionary thinking and creativity for the future, Murray takes your audience through his own experience of doubt, fear and overcoming to self-leadership, optimism, authenticity and the superpowers they deliver.

As a stand-alone keynote or expanded workshop, The Power of Diversity is an uplifting experience full of strategic insight for the future.

Themes: Confidence, Preparation, Rehearsal, Influence

Book This Program To:

  • Confront any fear of presenting and build confidence in your ability to influence and enjoy it!
  • Learn a 5-step process to prepare your presentation so your audience is excited to hear from you.
  • Learn confidence building stage craft skills to give you a solid base to enthusiastically share your ideas.

Research by LinkedIn shows that communication skills are the most desired characteristic in senior roles and career progression.

Competition for attention is fierce, are your presentation skills rising to the demands of 2021? How important is it to your career to effectively communicate your ideas in a way that gets optimal results? With your customers, colleagues, virtual meetings or on stage at a conference, you need to be an engaging, effective communicator who can share your thoughts in a memorable way.

Maybe the thought of presenting stresses you out or limits your progress. The skills for superb presenting can be learnt by anyone starting from wherever you are right now. You will be amazed at how quickly you can grow your proficiency and even enjoy presenting!

This is a fun, action orientated workshop where you get to design a presentation applying the principles as you learn them.

What you will learn…

  • How to inspire your audience to take action.
  • A 5-step analysis to refine your content.
  • How to structure a presentation to engage and nurture your audience.
  • Polished skills to make Q&A a powerful tool in your presenting.

Confident Presenting is a dynamic keynote presentation or an extended half day program.