Being a Champion With Change

Being a Champion With Change

Every business and industry is an ecosystem constantly engaged with change. Change represents different things to different people depending on your mindset and the tools you have in your hands.

How big is the upside in redefining your approach to change? What will your business look like in 10 years time? Will the skills you have now be enough to stay ahead of the waves of change?

Through an insightful process, Murray works with you with you to tailor an experience that will release compelling new energy into your goals and priorities. Equip your team to boldly move beyond what they’re naturally good at, to confidently step into the future inspired, with clear goals and a game plan for their own growth.

What we’ll cover

  • Goal setting and personal motivation
  • The ‘get unstuck’ model to free up your possibilities with change
  • The language ecosystem of exceptional change

What you’ll learn

  • The three A’s for a personal and team culture that boldly ignites your highest potential
  • Proven and practical strategies to thrive on change and have it work for you
  • Powerful language to actively build your confidence in working with change

Audiences leave this in-person or virtual presentation equipped with an action plan to progressively expand their capabilities to confidently work with change.

Being a Champion With Change is an ideal stand alone conference keynote or an extended half day program

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