Imagine this… you are inside a massive warehouse at night and you have a torch, what can you see? You can see what the beam of your torch illuminates. What if someone came in and turned on all the lights, what can you see now? Everything is lit up, it was there all the time, you just couldn’t see it!

A Coach helps you turn the lights on, revealing new strengths and possibilities.

Your best thinking got you to where you are. Think back to decisions you’ve made in the past, could a fresh point of view or deep curiosity have saved you time, money and built better outcomes? What are the consequences of keeping things as they are?

Coaching is something your future self will thank you for!

You can now explore how to:

  • Get clear on what you want and your vision for the future
  • Make empowered decisions about change
  • Build strategies to overcome fear and move boldly & confidently towards your goals
  • Make sure you’re having fun and enjoying yourself
  • Boost your communication and leadership skills
  • Push through boundaries, perceived and real
  • Explore what the YOU experience is like for yourself and others
  • Reflect and experiment with new ideas
  • Set new expectations for your health, vitality and peace of mind

You may have had a narrow beam for many years so lighting up new possibilities is exciting!

At the centre of all success is change. Are there important goals that need you to step up? Would a renewed sense of direction give you stronger clarity and purpose? Procrastination, self-sabotage, overwhelm or feeling uninspired are barriers to getting where you want to go. Challenges also present dynamic opportunities to expand your capacity as you move into bigger roles, business growth and leadership. This is what we work together to resolve, to create a fresh mindset so you can step confidently and boldly into your future.

You will have a safe, deeply respectful space to freely express yourself. For things to change, you need to change and what a privilege it is when that is something we have the freedom to do. 

If it would help to get insights on the power of Coaching, download my free eBook Quantum Leap Questions. It’s a 30 minute read and what stands out for you gives us a great starting point.

Take action and get started. You may connect with progressive coaching over a number of sessions or a single session to prepare for a meeting or presentation. Consultations are conducted virtually or face to face where possible. Sessions run for approximately 60-minutes at a fee of $450 per session. Look forward to working with you.

                                                                                                      Murray Altham