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Murray Altham

“The feedback from the team was spectacular!”  DePuy Synthes

Beginning his professional life as a Chef, Murray’s had several ‘careers of a lifetime’. From food and fitness to an unexpected corporate career working in a global pandemic, he’s worked in many parts of the world, including extraordinary days being in rooms with President Nelson Mandela, President Bill Clinton and Bill and Melinda Gates. He has worked in extreme scenarios of confronting challenge and change, bringing to life a determined, solution focussed skillset he shares with your audience to help bring their best to the surface.

With relentless optimism, Murray’s clients look to him to empower their people to release a fresh mindset and embrace the future! In a Keynote presentation, half or full day workshop, he is a catalyst who connects with people in a genuine and fun way, delivering a captivating mix of expertise, empathy, humour and drive. From Mining to Medicine, his sought-after Professional Development Workshops leave a compelling legacy of empowered individuals contributing their unique strengths to every room they’re in.

Murray knows how BIG experiences, of all types, can disorientate an organisation’s goals and how taxing it can be on your people’s psychology and wellbeing. It’s vital to have a game plan to refresh your team and spark their thinking to make a success of the opportunities ahead. He helps you bring out the best in your people, to equip them to adapt to new conditions and nourish a mindset to step boldly and confidently into the future.

He is the author of the popular book Hard Boiled Habits: How to crack the code to a fresh start! As an Executive Coach Murray works with leaders, holding the ladder, as he helps them climb to the highest and truest expression of their potential, sharing powerful insights from those journeys with your audience.

Delivering a value packed fusion of skills, Murray will have your conference buzzing! Your audience will be equipped with clear insights and strategies they can immediately use to power up their future at work and at home!

“Murray fosters intriguing, optimistic thinking. Fascinating, stimulating and uplifting” University of Queensland


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