About Murray

Murray Altham

“The feedback from the team was spectacular!”  

Murray’s clients look to him to empower their people to rise above challenges and release a fresh mindset to move forward with clarity and confidence! With an ability to connect with people in a genuine and profound way, he delivers a captivating mix of expertise, empathy, humour and drive.

Being one of the few Australians navigating their SECOND pandemic, Murray knows how it can disorientate your organisations goals and how taxing it can be on your team’s psychology and wellbeing. It’s vital to have a game plan to REVIVE yourself and your organisation as you emerge into a new normal and absorb the aftershocks that will come. He helps you bring the best out in your people, to equip them to adapt to new conditions and future proof your mindset to step boldly and confidently into the future.

As an Executive Coach Murray works with leaders in many countries helping them effectively manoeuvre through the unexpected, uninvited and unimaginable, sharing insights from those valuable journeys to empower and equip your audience.

Delivering a value packed fusion of skills, Murray will have your conference buzzing and your audience excited about clear strategies to navigate their new normal and ideas they can immediately use to power up their future at work and at home! 

Murray is on the scholarship committee of The Pinnacle Foundation who’s Patrons include The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG, Her Excellency the Hon Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria and Alan Joyce AC. The foundation provides educational scholarships, mentoring and opportunities for young LGBTIQ+ Australians to realise their full potential.

“One of THE outstanding presentations I have ever been fortunate to be a witness to. Usually I take away 1 or 2 thoughts or suggestions, during your presentation I wrote (stole/borrowed) 7 pages of helpful solutions to inspire me and other’s.” Decia Guttormsen MICM CCE, University of Queensland