Motivational Mindset Speaker – Give your people a fresh start!

Keynote Talks


Rise & REVIVE – Opening or Closing Keynote

An uplifting experience to help your people refresh their mindset to step boldly and confidently into the future!

Themes: Mindset, confidence, resilience & Leadership.

Book This Powerful Keynote To:

  • Begin your event with a high energy, fun experience, inspiring everyone to make the most of your agenda
  • Explore the transformational titans of Attitude, Atmosphere and Action!
  • Build fresh thinking to adapt and overcome new challenges.
  • Empower your people to contribute their unique ‘A’ game.

Winning Wellbeing – You’re most valuable KPI! 

High Energy Opening or Early Afternoon Keynote

Live Better-Work Better-Be Better

Themes: Mindset, Nutrition, Healthy Longevity

Book This Keynote To:

  • Give your event a high energy start to have your audience excited about your agenda!
  • Help your audience take their wellbeing & vitality from on hold, to on track.
  • Build a game-plan for Healthy Longevity… Nutrition, Strength & Mindset.
  • Be inspired. How Aunty Flo rode a quad bike at 104 and her daughter was skydiving at 90!