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Motivational Mindset Speaker – Give your people a fresh start!

One of the outstanding presentations I have ever been fortunate to be a witness to. Usually, I take away 1 or 2 thoughts or suggestions. During your presentation I wrote 7 pages of helpful solutions to inspire me and others

Manager Finance & Business Services, University of Queensland

Murray has worked with my team and I for 8 years and every time he leaves us inspired to make the impossible possible.

Vice President Asia/Pacific, Laerdal

Was such a great way to start the day!! Engaging, energetic, motivating and inspiring! Every Friday should start this way!

Head of Partnerships, Programs and Innovation Mater Education

I have never seen new learnings used so prolifically and in such an organic natural way. Your session was called out as one of the highlights of the retreat.

Head of Global Engineering Excellence, BHP

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Keynote Talks


A Mindset for the Future 

An uplifting experience to help your audience refresh their mindset to step boldly and confidently into the future!

Themes: Mindset, Confidence, Resilience & Leadership.

Book This Powerful Keynote To:

  • Help your team build new ways to think to contribute their unique A-game.
  • Explore the transformational titans of Attitude, Atmosphere and Action.
  • Release new levels of Confidence, Encouragement and Optimism to fuel happiness at work and at home.
  • Give people immediately actionable tools to empower new possibilities!

Winning Wellbeing – You’re most powerful KPI! 

High Energy Opening or Early Afternoon Snooze Busting Keynote

Live Better-Work Better-Be Better

Themes: Fun! Wellbeing, Nutrition, Healthy Longevity

Book This Keynote To:

  • Give your event a high energy opening to have your audience excited about your agenda!
  • Be inspired to achieve new levels of energy, vitality & healthy thinking.
  • Game-plan the 5 to focus on: Nutrition, Hydration, Exercise, Sleep & Positive Mindset.
  • Start training to be 100! How Aunty Flo rode a quad bike at 104 and her daughter was skydiving at 90!