Move from what’s expected to what’s exceptional!

The most valuable capital in every enterprise is people!’

After a year best described as a psychological thriller, people are craving opportunities to refresh and advance themselves, to reconnect with the art of living, to work effectively and move confidently into our reshaped future. 

‘The future is where we’re going to spend the rest of our lives.’

With 2022 on the horizon, many people feel like a fresh start! Are you looking to help your team reconnect, recover and relaunch? Murray is a value packed catalyst who shifts the energy and helps your team embrace different thinking and new behaviours. From a 20 minute burst of inspiration to a powerful keynote or workshop experience, your team will be inspired to act on a gold mine of new potential. They will own fresh, effective solutions they can immediately use to confidently grow into the future and propel your organisation forward.

Your audience is in safe hands, leaving equipped with clear strategies and methods they now own to build a fresh mindset, new confidence, better attitudes and stronger collaborations, to do less good work and more great work. ‘Innovative business transforms with innovated people.’

Let’s get it done!


Be a Champion with Change – Skill Development Keynote

If you do the same, you get the same. Only change creates a new future!

Themes: Self-Leadership, Change Enthusiasm, Confidence, Communication

Book This Program To:

  • Empower your team to move on from Covid-19 and step into the slipstream of a fresh mindset.
  • Ignite the future, release the brakes and embrace new goals as you challenge up in changing times.
  • Introduce a language of excellence to nourish an exceptional culture.

Winning Wellbeing – High Octane Opening or Closing Keynote

Live Better-Work Better-Be Better

Themes: Empowerment, Nutrition, Motivation, Digital Wellness

Book This Program To:

  • Energise your audience with an exuberant, interactive, experience full of original ideas to launch your agenda or your afternoon session!
  • Help your team strengthen the asset that creates all their other assets… their health, vitality and wellbeing.
  • Power up sought after characteristics like adaptability, good decision making, endurance and a growth mindset to propel your people and organisation forward.

What You Can Learn from My Second Pandemic – Fresh Mindset Keynote

Self-leadership through and beyond the COVID pandemic

Themes: Focus, Empathy, Adaptive Mindset, Emotional Resilience

Book This Program To:

  • Help your team build a peaceful co-existence with our new world, to release the brakes on any Covid hangover and free up new possibilities.
  • Explore the space before resilience to prepare and equip your team for future challenges.
  • Mine the Covid experience to help your people identify new strengths to propel them forward.

The Pharmacodynamics of Excellence – Medical Industry Skill Development Keynote

Different thinking for better results

Themes: Growth Mindset, Communication, Relationships, Adaptive Resilience

Book This Program To:

  • Identify the vital signs that move your performance from expected to exceptional.
  • Release the language of excellence to achieve a steady state of trust, loyalty and results.
  • Build a compelling, competitive advantage with the worlds most powerful communication skill.

“Murray is a superb presenter and facilitator. His method of weaving together humour, anecdotal evidence and health and wellbeing research, ensures a presentation which inspires action!” Vicki McNabb: University of QLD Wellness Program

“It was inspiring to have you work with our team. The feedback on your customer experience session was amazing.” Graeme Foulds: Regional Director Asia Pacific 

Was such a great way to start the day!! Engaging, energetic, motivating and inspiring! Every Friday should start this way 😀 Steph Barwick: Head of Partnerships, Programs and Innovation Mater Education

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