The Power of Diversity & Inclusion

The Power of Diversity

The economic opportunities from inclusion

Companies, governments and teams trailblazing into the future are embracing the power of diversity. A collaboration of confident, empowered individuals happily contributing their unique A game is the dream of every enterprise!

‘Business creativity is all about connectivity with other people. Ideas are generally not dreamt up by yourself. They are about interaction. And if there is a barrier towards interaction, then it reduces the chance of getting the best idea.’ Lord John Browne Executive Chairman, L1 Energy

It’s not enough to attract and retain diverse talent. Inclusiveness releases powerful skills connected to that uniqueness, multiplying the intellectual assets you can invest into your business. What if the most powerful idea that could revolutionise your results is sitting unsaid?

The opposite of fear is not always courage, it’s curiosity. In this experience you get to courageously step into yours, to learn how to tap into your valuable unique strengths and help others do the same. This builds bridges of understanding, connection and collective excellence, to freely express ourselves, access new paradigms of thought and game-changing possibility.

The more people who feel welcome and accepted contributes to the whole. Diversity delivers successful and sought-after characteristics like empathy, courage, insight and predictive thinking. In this fascinating keynote we will explore…

  • Why expand the definition of your own uniqueness.
  • Where do your secret superpowers sit?
  • How to unlock empathy and inspiration in the silent stories of others.
  • What expansive, collaborative communication skills look like.

To help you unlock next-level thinking and creativity for the future, Murray takes your audience on a voyage through doubt, fear and overcoming to self-leadership, optimism, authenticity and the super powers they deliver to your enterprise.

As a stand alone keynote or an expanded workshop, The Power of Diversity is an uplifting experience full of strategic insight for the future.

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