Winning Wellbeing

“Everyone deserves the chance to make the most of their genetic potential. A healthy body and an innovative mind are a powerful combination!” 

Murray Altham

Winning Wellbeing

Live Better – Work Better – Be Better

Your health and vitality are your ultimate DIY project and there is an irresistible dynamic between good health and you enjoying your life!

This is a fun, fresh and inspiring experience for everyone in the room because it’s about the most important topic on the planet… YOU! 

Helping your team achieve a new level of wellbeing gives you a 24/7/365 day big bang for your buck, it consistently ranks as their number one priority and their number one challenge! How big is the impact of lack of wellness and personal wellbeing in your organisation? Improved health and vitality fuels resourceful thinking, good decision making, confidence and leadership… it just makes everything else better!

We’ll explore…

  • Healthy longevity, what the latest research is urging us to do
  • Farm to table vs factory to table… how to lift your nutrition with spectacular results
  • The 10 minute workout your future self will thank you for
  • Nurturing your psychology, why mindfulness and peace of mind matter


You will leave equipped with…

  • A fresh game plan to immediately build more healthful habits
  • Game-changing nutrition ideas, that anyone can do, to give you energy that lasts all day
  • How to supercharge your strength and flexibility with a ten minute workout
  • The three golden pillars to fuel the best, healthiest version of you into the future

To begin your conference, Winning Wellbeing elevates the energy for the rest of your agenda. You never have to recover from a good start and Winning Wellbeing is a GREAT start!

As a stand alone keynote, two hour workshop or for when you desperately need an energy burst in your afternoon session, Winning Wellbeing is a memorable experience your audience will love!

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