The Confident Presenting Workshop

The Confident Presenting Workshop


Research by LinkedIn shows that communication skills are the most desired characteristic in senior roles and career progression.

Competition for people’s attention is stronger than ever… are your presentation skills matching the demands of 2021? How important is it to effectively communicate your ideas in a way that gets optimal results?

With your customers, colleagues, virtual meetings or on stage at a conference, you need to be an engaging, effective communicator who can expertly share your ideas in a memorable way. This valuable skill is a powerful tool in your professional skillset.

Just the thought of presenting may stress you out and keep you playing small. The skills for superb presenting can be learnt by anyone starting from wherever you are right now. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can grow your proficiency and even ENJOY presenting!

This is a fun, action-orientated workshop where you get to design a presentation applying the principles as you learn them.

What we’ll cover

  • A mindset for effective, confident presenting
  • The most valuable real estate in your presentation
  • The epic formula to structure your content and help you present without notes
  • The 5 steps to make Q&A a powerful part of your presentation

What you’ll learn

  • A 5-step analysis to refine your content
  • How to structure a presentation to nurture your audience
  • Polished skills to handle questions and objections
  • How to help your audience take action

Confident Presenting is a dynamic keynote presentation or an extended half day program.

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