How your bathroom mirror can be the secret to your success!

How your bathroom mirror can be the secret to your success!


Have you been to a cinema when the movie is blurry? People start yelling… FOCUS!!!

Research shows that your ability to focus is easily smashed by the waves of distraction swirling around you. Then there’s the advertising device we all carry to make phone calls that’s designed to hijack our attention. Where time management used to be a priority, focus management is now a red-hot skill we all need to build.

So what’s with the bathroom mirror?

Think about how advertising works. Famous fast food restaurants spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year on advertising. Why do they invest the money when we already know about them? They do it to keep their brand top of mind. You may think advertising or the media you consume doesn’t influence your behaviour but they know it does and they want you! They know it’s about repetition, they can’t just tell you once. The campaign has to be relentless to influence your behaviour. Advertising is not a charity, it works and your goals will need the same intensity!

Keeping your dreams, goals and personal growth plans top of mind is vital to you achieving them so it’s location, location, location. You begin and end your days in the bathroom so let’s make use of this prime piece of real estate.

Try this powerful idea for two weeks and build on it when you see a result.

Get yourself a set of whiteboard markers and draw a 14 square grid on your bathroom mirror giving yourself a 2-week timeframe, tick the days off as you go. Pick a goal, target or change you’d like to make and plan it out on your mirror. On the left of the grid write words that represent what you need to let go of, unproductive habits, behaviours and distractions. On the right side choose words highlighting thoughts and actions that will take you to your goal. Plan your work and work your plan.

Time sensitive goals work. Think about how much you get done the week before you go on holidays; amazing isn’t it!

Now, while you check your nose hair, brush your teeth, shave or fix your lippy, you can review your game plan for the next 14 days, keeping it top of mind. Start and finish your day focused on your most valuable priorities! Keeping them top of mind helps you stay on track and focus. Focus is the precursor to momentum and momentum is where you want to be.

Focus has become a luxury item; it takes deliberate action to create a counter narrative to push back the waves of digital distraction stopping you from achieving your priorities.

Everything is created twice, first in your mind and then in reality. Creativity is your first step.

Here are 7 steps to take you towards your goals

  1. Create your goal, use imagery and vision to get a clear picture in your mind… action follows thought
  2. Quantify any barriers to your goal and plan how you’ll handle them
  3. Keep that goal top of mind, get your game-plan on the mirror
  4. Take massive action and work with a timeline
  5. Build a personal atmosphere that supports your objectives
  6. Find a cheerleader who can help and encourage you
  7. If it’s a significant goal and you need a coach, invest in one


Goals can fall by the wayside when focus is blurry. Get them up in front of you so you see it at least a couple of times a day. Work on it, focus, be excited that you have a goal and make it happen!

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